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Taking Photography To New Heights.

Getting Off The Ground

While the FAA works out the new requirements for drone businesses, I plan to perfect the craft of drone piloting. Every business needs a starting point, and this is mine. When the skies are cleared for drone businesses, we will be ready to fly for you.

I realize that not everyone would want to own a drone. However, many people my have a brief need for a drone. Whether it is to take pictures or video of their home, land or business, or to have a unique perspective of their event, or they just want the opportunity to fly a drone once, I hope to fill that need with a fleet of drones.

I do not condone or participate in the reckless flight of drones. My drones will always be flown in accordance to FAA recommendations and in a responsible manner.

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Something About Me

My name is Jim Eastridge. I reside in Elizabethtown, KY and work in the field of Information Technology. Additionally, I support a few local businesses with their technology needs, including hardware, software, webhosting and video production.

So, what qualifies me to start a drone business? I have some flight experience with both hobbiest aircrafts and small private aircraft. In the early 1990s, I took flight instruction in Gainesville, FL. I was beginning solo flights when I was transferred by my employer. Additionally, I have done extensive research on the drones currently available for consumer use. The drones that will makeup my fleet will be smart drones, with extended GPS capabilities. My drones are flown in a responsible manner and abide by all safety guidelines.

To contact me, please email Jim at DroningInVideo . com.